Introducing a Powerful New Way to
Showcase Student STEM Projects

Now your STEM Students can promote the remarkable work they're creating every day through your school's website.

Help students connect and grow.

When you bring the GradFly platform to your school, you’ll give your STEM students the ability to connect with other students, colleges and employers. With GradFly you are not just buying a piece of technology; you’re buying the beginnings of a growing community and the ability to join thousands of others already on-board GradFly.

Built for STEM students,
by STEM students.

We built the platform that we wish existed in order to give STEM students a new way to showcase their most groundbreaking and innovative projects.

Secure and cloud based platform.

Your GradFly platform is hosted on a top-tier dedicated server that features enterprise level security and encryption to keep your data safe, while still being accessible to any STEM student or platform administrator with an internet connection.

Get the Powerful New Way to Showcase Student STEM Projects

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